TSSK Fans! 

We've uploaded tracks from our 2014 EP Release SAGE BURNER! Sage Burner, Age of the Bastard, I Don't Live Today (Hendrix) and One Last Flood!
Stay tuned as we have 4 MORE TRACKS from this EP!! ENJOY!!

*Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Paul Miner @ Buzzbomb Sound Labs, Orange, CA!

Vocals tracked @ Grandma's House of Babes in Hollywood, CA. Engineered by Joseph Holiday.

Guitars and other stuff at Buzzbomb Sound Labs w/ Engineer Paul Miner.

Drums Tracked at NRG Studios Los Angeles, CA. Engineer/Sergio Chavez.

TSSK would like to thank Paul Miner, Jason Welsher, Josh Welsher and TO DIE FOR Clothing, Jim Warf and Ehren Behringer.

Listen. Download. Share. Repeat!


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