Formed in 2008 by two life long friends Andre Morales and Joey Kohorst in Riverside California.

TSSK continues strong today with a blend of heavy guitars with melodic vocals. . You can find us on pretty much every digital platform (iTunes, Spotfiy, Apple Music, ect...). We book ourselves, we promote ourselves, we work with local business’ and talent to help design our merchandise. Overall; people throw out the phrase “DIY” a lot these days but truly we live and die by that. The tunes are ours, you the fans are considered as family to us and we are genuinely excited for not only what we’ve done, but where we are headed.

TSSK is Joey Kohorst, Andre Morales, Kroft Salmi and Bruce Zebal

Joey Kohorst - vocals & guitar 
Kroft Salmi - guitar
Andre Morales - drums
Bruce Zebal - bass